International Forum

15th Ecumenical Social Week  

“Wandering Identity: Considering Meanings and Values”

October 3-7, 2022

The city of Lviv (with an online option)

(Institute of Ecumenical Studies of UCU, in partnership with Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung, Evangelical Church in Germany and l’ Institut Supérieur d’Etudes Œcuméniques (ISEO) de l’Institut Catholique de Paris)

The annual international forum “Ecumenical Social Week” (ESW) unites the resources of a community, authorities, mass media, social organizations, Churches, educators and youth organizations in an attempt to address relevant social issues, based on the common human values,  social teaching  of  the church and the sustainable development principles.

The event will take place mainly online, with a possibility to come to the venue, depending on the situation.

The working languages will be English, French, German and Ukrainian with a simultaneous interpretation.


Within the forum we want to explore and discuss various “facets” of human and community identity in the modern world. We will focus on several aspects, looking at them through the prism of interdisciplinary approach, and tackle  questions like:

- Identity in terms of war in the center of Europe

- Political and ideological identity: search for the way out of the crisis of populism, propaganda and social polarization

- Ethical and national identity: What challenges does Ukraine face under the circumstances of the recent independence, the war and the European dream?

- How can German unification, Balkan reconciliation, other examples become models for Ukraine in its attempts to unite the society around certain ideals?

- How do European countries undergo (form, support) their European, national and regional identity?

- Cultural identity, globalization and multiculturalism. How does migration (refugees and IDP’s) influence identity?

- Religious identity: To what extent does religious affiliation intersect with national and ideological identity? “Russian World” and other theo-political identities. 

- Identity of Ukrainian religious and ethnic groups

- How is religious identity intertwined with the approaches to liturgy, interpretation of the canon law, takes on bioethics and ecology

- Bible, Liturgy and Tradition as creators of identity

- Identity of the Ukrainian Orthodoxy: “Kyiv” and “Moscow” Church traditions in the lives of the Ukrainian Orthodox parishes; ecumenical openness of the Ukrainian Orthodoxy

- Identity of Eastern Catholics and UGCC in particular: Who are they–“Eastern Roman-Catholics”, or “the Orthodox in unity with the Holy See”?: searching for a better model of relationships with the Holy See and the Orthodox and Protestant brothers. Identity and Mission: assistance or obstacle for each other

- Cultural wars and religious universality. “Ideological Identity” (“right” and “left” in the Church, ideological approaches to reproduction, family and sexuality)

- Social class identity: How does poverty and well-being influence the identity and behavior of a person and groups of people.

- How to speak of Christian roots of Europe in a useful way?

- The role and impact of various social institutions on the formation of identity: How do mass media, family, education, Church and others influence identity and its preservation? etc.


Paper Proposals:

Submit abstracts for papers, (max. 350 words) and a short CV by July 1, 2022. The papers should last no more than 15 minutes. 


Submit proposals of panels or other events within the forum. You should include the following information:

-  Topic, duration and format of an event (round table, seminar, workshop, panel discussion, project presentation, book presentation, cultural and artistic events, webinar, showing a film and others.)

-   Target audience

-  Necessary technical equipment: a monitor, a projector, microphones, access to the internet, interpreting. Taking into consideration the limited number of technically-equipped spaces, we encourage the applicants to use their own laptops or tablets.

-    List of speakers and moderator (-s).

The maximum duration time of the event – 2 hours. You may not organize more than two events on different topics within the forum. One participant is not able to be a moderator and a speaker at the same event simultaneously.

Assuming that parallelly with the online option, we could hold the event off-line, please, confirm whether you are interested in coming to Lviv.

The Organizational Committee can reimburse the accommodation and travel expenses of the speakers on demand. We hope to be able to dispose of some funds to cover accomodation and travel expenses for some participants, please let us know if you need any support.

Please, send the event proposal description of not more than 500 words and a short CV by 1 July, 2022. We are grateful for receiving your proposals in advance.

Send your suggestions to Iryna Kitura (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) with the letter subject – ESW paper or/and ESW event. 

For more details, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .