Establishing National net of Ecumenical Social Weeks became main event of October 5 in the framework of the second day of 3rd Ecumenical Social Week in Ukrainian Catholic University. Honorable guest of the session became Bernard Cheneves, vice-president of Social Weeks of France and other participant and partners not only from Lviv, but also Mykolayiv, Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk, Ternopil, Sum, Donetsk, Poltava.

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Session of National Council of Ecumenical Social Week had two stages of discussion. First of all, Bernard Cheneves has presented to the participants the history of Social Weeks of France, main directions of activity and themes, also shared experience of building of national net of Social Weeks in France: “We have administrativ council, which works in different spheres and consists in 95% of laity. Also we have regional gatherings, which are independent from our national organization Secretariat, that from time to time come together to discuss local themes, are inherent to one or another region. They are independent from its statute, but there are firm connections on local and regional levels”. According to Mr. Cheneves, task of Social Weeks, which regularly take place in different countries of the world, is spreading of Christian values on European level, raising urging themes and questions. “This is a place for studying and informing Christians, who want to give definition to contemporary challenges of society”, summarized Cheneves. In the second part of the session a presentation of National Ney of Ecumenical Social Weeks was conducted purpose of which lies in the first turn in realization of social doctrine of the Church, in development and defending of legislative initiatives and integration of Ukraine into international democratic and ecumenical space.

As was mentioned by the coordinator of national Net of Ecumenical social Weeks Anastasiya Zaytseva, task of the net of Ecumenical Social Weeks is creation of regional bureaus of Ecumenical Social Week engaging representatives of local government, public sector, representatives of major Christian Churches as co-organizers, conduction of informational days of Ecumenical Social Weeks, replenishment of base “Observatory of successful initiatives”, with those conducted in the region, spreading of information about Ecumenical social Weeks and other projects, in particular, bill on “Percentage Philanthropy”, contest “Reporters of Hope in Ukraine” and base “Observatory of successful initiatives”. Conclusion of the session of National Council of Ecumenical Social Week has become support of idea of spreading the net of Ecumenical Social Week by participants and partners from other cities of Ukraine, they showed will to take part in its creation, development and have hope that is not only a romantic desire but absolute real one for accomplishment.