4 October solemn openingof 3rd Ecumenical Social Week eventuated by press-conference at small session-hall of Lviv City Hall.

All-Ukrainian social forum will be conducted from October 4 till October 10 under the slogan “Trust. Responsibility. Philanthropy.” Participants of Ecumenical Social Week are Churches, authority, business, public sector, educational institutions of Ukraine and the world.

Important place in discussion of professionals during the Week was taken by establishment and development of philanthropy, trust and responsibility as a base of social partnership between Churches and authority, business and social organizations, question of personal responsibility, role of media in solving of social issues, and also Christian education of youth and specifics of teaching Christian Ethics.

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According to Head of Secretariat of 3rd Ecumenical Social Week Iryna Kitura, significant for Ecumenical Social Week is arrival of famous people as Marc Hardy, Doctor of Philosophy, the director of Nonprofit Executive Education at the University of Notre Dame, USA, Kateryna Yushchenko, Chairman of the Board of the International Charitable Foundation  “Ukraine 3000”.

“We convoke National Council of Ecumenical Social Week. To this meeting Bernard Chenevez, representative  of Social Weeks in France is coming. He will tell how to build a net in a correct manner according to example of Social Week in France”.

Head of External Affairs and Regional Promotion of Lviv Regional Council Taras Vozniak in his turn stresses: “Charity as such is not greeted by the state. After all person, who donates money somewhere, has to receive some bonuses from the state, maybe facilitations and preferences” – states Taras Vozniak.

Today participants also discussed principal aspects of preventive extracurricular education of youth. Which is an interesting way of youth education about family, parenthood, and also negative concequences of alchohol abuse, smoking, narcotics, spreading information about abortions and AIDS. Also was talked about question of trust offices in medical institutions of Lviv city and about finansing of such projects. In the second part of the forum those present had an opportunity to become familiar with concrete examples of activity in the sphere of preventive education.


Crowning accent of the forum was forming and signing of Resolution to bodies of local authority. In the text of resolution forum considers as necessary to unite efforts of collaboration, to conduct joint public activities, to form Public Commitee for questions of overcoming crisis of youth education in aspect of future parenthood propose the following: to create clubs of socio-healthy eduacation at schools, to introduce appropriate programs on the state level and to create media-rubrics, that will highlight and promote preventive education of youth, and healthy way of life.