On September 29, an academic conference of the Ecumenical Social Week opened with inter-confessional prayer that gathered the representatives of Christian confessions of the city.

In ecumenical prayer participated: Bishop Venedyct (the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church), Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University Fr. Borys Gudziak (UGCC), Responsible for media in Lviv Archdiocese Fr. Peter Buhryn (the Roman Catholic Church), Bishop of the Christian Evangelical Church Vasyl Boyechko, Senior priest of the Lviv Cathedral Fr. Tadeos Gevorgyan (the Armenian Church), and Fr. Roman Fihas from the Institute of Ecumenical Studies (UGCC).

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Bishop Venedyct thanked the organizers of the 4th Ecumenical Social Week and expressed hope that such ecumenism would be fruitful and effective in society’s life. "Today, in a time of great opportunities we feel an inexpressible lack of trust. Antagonism and divisions are products of inglorious people, those who do not
feel and do not want to see a reliable support in God” – stressed Bishop of the Christian Evangelical Church Vasyl Boyechko.

Fr. Peter Buhryn (RCC) also emphasized the importance of motives which guided the organizers of ecumenical prayer. "The Christians` strength is in unity. Therefore, such ecumenical prayers truly witness that we, Christians, are a living organism directed to God".