On September 30, British, French and Ukrainian experts discussed the topic "Reformation is a way to European integration" at a round table as part of the 4th Ecumenical Social Week.

In her speech "The strategy of the European Union as regards social market economy and its interest for Ukraine", Maria NowakPresident of the French Association for the Right to Economic Initiative (ADIE), concluded: "A Soviet way of solidarity and domination of private interests excluding the social interest are two sides of the same regime of dictatorship. The Ecumenical Social Week in Lviv is a right way to change society through peaceful means".

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In the round table also participated: Robert Brinkley, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Ukraine (2002-2006), Antoine Arjakovsky, Co-Founder of the IES in Ukraine, Co-Director of the Department "Society. Freedom. Peace" at the Bernardine College in Paris (France), Fr. Ivan Dacko, Doctor of Theology, President of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies at the UCU, Valeriy Pyatak, Deputy Head of the Regional Council.  In total, 4 round tables were held within the Forum.

Summarizing results of all discussions of the 4th Ecumenical Social Week is to be held today at 4:30 pm in Lviv Polytechnic National University (12 Bendery Street, room 304).