This year's interfaith youth meeting "Day of Trust" was held in Lviv on October 1 within the 4th Ecumenical Social Week. Young initiative people from the city and surrounding towns gathered to pray together, to communicate and get to know each other.

The meeting began with morning prayers in the church of All Saints at the monastery of the Studite Sisters of St. Mary. Later all the participants, on behalf of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, welcomed the military chaplain, Fr. Stephen Sus. He shared his experience in his missionary work in Bangladesh.

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Unfortunately, the brothers from Taiza did not come for this year’s Day of Trust. However, brother Alois appealed to young people with words of support and plans for the future in his recorded video greeting.

During the Day of Trust young people discussed passages from Scripture (Luke 18, 1-8) and reached the following conclusion: God can act when we least expect it. "Sometimes we ask God for something, but He doesn’t respond at once. We should be patient, and if this desire is necessary and important, God will hear us,” says Svyatoslav, a volunteer of this year's "Day of Trust", a student of Master's Program in Ecumenical Studies.

"From the very beginning of creation all are called to the Lord and not all come in their life way to him. We must be true Christians, primarily before the Lord, and ourselves, and then to others," says Yulia, a student of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies.

 “When you have difficulties and you begin to read the Bible, you feel peace and love of God, " said Andrew, one of the participants in the prayer meeting.

Daily prayer was held in the Armenian Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, where Fr. Tadeos prayed in the Armenian language, and then he prayed together with the members of the prayer of Taizé. Father said: "We are always ready for common prayer. We have to find a common language primarily among Christians, and then, generally with all mankind. Unity begins with us, with Christians, because we know what others do not know. "

After a delicious lunch, the participants dispersed to different presentations. This year there was a possibility to have a meeting with artist Alexander Antoniuk, whose exhibition “On the Road to Emmaus" was displayed in the gallery INCORAT, or to participate in the presentation of an interdenominational Christian student organization "Youth for Jesus." 

Some people learned about the activities of the Christian Evangelical Church Gethsemane, and someone was interested to get a master class in weaving "Tkayemo razom" from the community "Ark". In addition, some young people attended the presentation of Ukrainian public organization Campus, while others, seeking to learn more about the history of the community of the Armenian Apostolic Church, heard a detailed story from father Tadeos.

Later, happy and satisfied with the acquired experience, the young people went on a joint evening prayer to the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Roman Catholic Church. "I wish for you that your prayer may be  filled with the Holy Spirit, that you may get spiritual strength from God, and your hearts may be filled with love" - with these words the pastor of this church spoke to the youth.

Sharing their impressions and experiences, young people hurried to dinner in the school of St. Sophia.

They left there a piece of themselves, and, maybe, they have learned to trust, to open their hearts to others, to listen to others, and, most importantly, to trust in the Lord because He loves us and will never betray us.


"A few years ago when I was feeling really bad, I came to this Roman Catholic cathedral to pray. When I came, I noticed a group of people singing prayer songs. The songs touched my heart and I wanted to sing too, and to glorify God this way. And today, I heard these songs again. They magnify God so harmoniously, and I can say that today my dream came true," shared Martha Cymbalista, a parishioner of Holy Eucharist church.