A blind girl fromPoltava, Olena Kovtun, winner of the “Ukraine's Got Talent 2” show, sang in the youth concert of Ukrainian music , held during the  4th Ecumenical Social week. She got the viewer’s choice and moved the audience to tears: “ I hope my songs will make the world a little better”.

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The concert was a special completion of the Ecumenical Social Week. This was another opportunity for the participants and guests to get together, discuss the recent event, and share their opinions.

The choir from the Ukrainian Catholic University “Stritennia” , a folk group from Poland “Bur’yan”, the group of authentic singing? “DoSkhid Soncia” , which specializes in renewing and spreading authentic folklore of Western and Central Ukraine, and cultural and art group “Ostriv dytynstva”  also participated in the same concert.


The theme of this year's 4th Ecumenical week was “Reforms in Ukraine through mutual trust”.  The leading experts from Ukraine, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada and Lithuania were the participants: in particular, Marius Vismantas, Regional Program Coordinator in Financial and Private Sector Development for Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova, World Bank, Maria Nowak, president, ADIE, France, Robert Brinkley, and Ambassador of Great Britain to Ukraine (2002-2006).