Within the 5th Ecumenical Social Week took place session "Development of a democratic society through equal opportunities." The main motive of this session was the idea that democracy should be based on equality.

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The participants talked about how to help people with special needs to feel needed in society. The experience of working with such people in France, during the session, shared Michel Dormal, director of curriculum for assistants of the French department of the International Federation "L'Arche". Michelle Dormal also presented a film about people with disabilities, filmed in France, which reflects the view of those people on the realities of our time - money, politics, world and of course love.

Also during the session, J. Quesnel, PhD, The Principal of HQS Consulting Services Inc., spoke about the features of democracy and the notion of "inclusive democracy". And about a problem of involving persons with disabilities in socially active life told Jaroslav Hrybalsky, a representative of the National Assembly of Disabled in Lviv region, regional coordinator of the project "Inclusive Education" for children with special needs in Ukraine and Galyna Gerasym, lecturer in sociology and social work NU "Lviv Polytechnic. "

About the first in Lviv and Ukraine house of supportive accommodation for persons with special needs "Vytaniya", told coordinator of the house Zaverukha Maria and Oksana Magura, head of the community "L'Arche-Ark" in Lviv.