Within the framework of the 5th Ecumenical Social Week, on September 27, a session entitled “Healing the Wounds of the Past” took place, during which the participants watched the documentary “The Silver Land. Chronicles of Carpatho-Ukraine 1919-1939.”

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Director Khymych Taras, producer Taras Czholiy, composer Lyubomyr Solomchenko, sound director Roman Mikulskyi and narrator Pavlo Nechytaylo presented 20 years of history in 75-minute film. The film was made in about 2 years. According to Taras Choliy, the film is multicultural and well-balanced in terms of providing information, chronicles, documents and artistic adaptations.

The stand of the filmmakers on “Ukrainianness” of Carpatho-Ukraine aroused heated discussion, especially among foreign visitors. However, the producer was able to convince the audience that the film represents the positions of Hungarian and Czech peoples as well. More than 20 witnesses, natives of Carpatho-Ukraine, were interviewed for the film. The filmmakers intended not only to highlight the history of Carpatho-Ukraine, but also reminded the audience of that experience when the Ukrainians managed to unite for a common cause.