Young people spent the 5th day of the Ecumenical Social Week in communication and prayer. Brother Benoit (Taizé, France), responsible for pastoral counseling in Ukraine, arrived to Lviv to hold a meeting with the youth called “pilgrimage of trust.”

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During the meeting, Taras Milyan, chairman of the Commission on the Youth of the Lviv Archieparchy of the UGCC told young people about the construction of civil society on trust: “Trust makes all of us responsible – the youth are responsible for their duties, and we, the priests, for the youth.” Brother Benoit talked with the young people about democracy: “The value of democracy is equality of every individual.”


Also, the young people had an opportunity to talk with the latest and youngest Secretary of Yosyp Slipyi, Fr. Ivan Datsko. The president of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies spoke about the years of life with the Patriarch, his life and his vision of the future of Ukraine.
Further on the young people together with the clergy made a ​​short “pilgrimage” to the tree of peace, which was planted by members of the previous ESW on the territory of the Philosophy and Theology Department of the UCU. Then the event continued with a silent prayer of Taizé.