In the building of the Temple of the Holy Eucharist on September 28 there was a concert that concluded the 5th Ecumenical Social Week. The hosts of the event were Anastasiya Voytyuk and Dmytro Bartkov.

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Three talented bands were the highlight of the evening: the bandurist ensemble “Karpaty,” the chorus of the Stavropigion Brotherhood of UAOC and “Soli Deo.” Before the performance of the bandurist ensemble, the hosts of the concert aptly noted the similarity between the kobzar tradition and democracy, because the former is a means to understanding between people, it is democracy, as manifested in songs which are the genetic memory of a nation. The chorus of Stavropigion Brotherhood of UAOC led by Olha Derevenska masterfully executed such works as “Bohorodytsya Divo,” “Striletska pisnya” and “Nekhai spovnyatsya.” The choir “Soli Deo” performed at end of the concert. In particular, the choir soloist Anastasiya Arbuzova performed such works as “Oh, nebesnaya maty,” “Svyatyi Bozhe,” “Vesillye, vesillye ....”