Within the framework of the 5th Ecumenical Social Week, the seminar “Integrating theory and practice of mediation as an indicator of democratic social relations” was held on September 27.

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The workshop began with a report of Lionel J. Quesnel, Ph.D., director of the corporation HQS Consulting Services (Canada), on the work of a mediator and mediation process, which primarily includes the ability to forgive and ask for forgiveness. A moderator and a speaker at the seminar, Vladyslava Kanevska, vice-president of the Ukrainian “Center for Understanding” (Kyiv), briefed the audience with the task of mediation as a process of conflict resolution with the help of a mediator.

Dr. Henadiy Voznyuk told about the culture of speech in the communication process, Associate Professor, head of the Department of the Ukrainian Language of Lviv Polytechnic National University, and Dr. Nina Hayduk, head of the Section of Social Work, Associate Professor of Sociology and Social Work, IHSN of the same university, introduced to listeners the scientific concept of “application of ‘face concept’ in conflict resolution.”

Besides, among the participants of the seminar was Dr. Larysa Klymanska, head of the Department of Sociology and Social Work, Associate Professor, IHSN, “Lviv Polytechnic”, post-graduate students of the same department, Liliya Durnyak, and representatives of regional groups / schools mediation from other cities in Ukraine via Skype.