In the framework of the 6th Ecumenical Social Week on October 4 was held training session "International cooperation in the field of youth non-formal education." Trainers and foreign volunteers, working in Ukraine, shared their skills and experience in the field of voluntary cooperation and non-formal education.

The training session consisted of two parts - theoretical and practical. Olena Hrabovska was trainer during the practical part of the event, the moderator was Natalia Pavliuk, who not only spoke about volunteering and non-formal education, but also demonstrated the practical elements of such activities. To demonstrate the methods of non-formal education, participants were asked to design their own program of voluntary activities in small groups. Trainer Olena Hrabovska pointed out: "When we talk about non-formal education, based on free will and responsibility, we talk about what we learn through our own experience and interaction with other members of the learning process."

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In the discussion participated volunteers from Slovenia, France, Poland and Germany who are now engaged in volunteer activities in Ukraine. Participants shared their experiences on volunteering and impressions about our country. The training took place in an atmosphere of active interaction thanks to the enhanced job of trainer and moderator, and openness to discussion of volunteers and students.