During the 6th Ecumenical Social Week, the round table “Charity in Lviv: threats and prospects” was held within the framework of the conference “Social Lviv” on October 4The event was organized by NGO “SAMI”, together with CF “Wings of Hope” and the Institute of Ecumenical Studies.

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Participants of the meeting, including the director of NGO “SAMI”Andriy Porodko, head of CF “Wings of Hope” Nataliya Lipska and chairman of the Commission on Youth of Lviv Archdiocese of UGCC, director of “Foundation of Spiritual Revival” Rev. Taras Mylyan, discussed the problem of the emergence of foundations and organizations in Lviv that speculate on charity and use the trust of the community for their own enrichment.

Director of CF “Wings of Hope” Nataliya Lipska said that there was a great danger of the illusion of charity – the emergence of fraudulent accounts for donations. “We conducted an Internet research (group “Ghostbusters”) to monitor such processes. We found nine funds that engaged in fraudulent activities. Two of them have been held criminally responsible. Therefore, we prescribed the principles of transparent charity.”