In the Ukrainian Catholic University, the photo exhibition “The People of the Book," dedicated to the major events in the life of the Jewish people, was opened on October 2.

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The photo exhibition was held within the framework of the 6th Ecumenical Social Week. There are 61 photos of Borys Buchman , Roman Vilenskyi , Vitaliy Oplachko , Yevheniya Ilyina and Shlomo Nizin that depict two cycles of the Jewish life: the cycle of human life and the liturgical calendar cycle. Both of them focus around the most precious treasure that has been preserved by the Jewish people for millennia – the Bible , the Torah.

The celebration was attended by representatives of the Jewish community of Lviv, and the official word on the occasion of the opening was given by the leader of the Charitable Foundation “Caritas Odesa – UGGC” Rev. Vasyl Kolodchyn. He also stressed that “Pope John Paul II called the Jews our ‘elder brothers in the faith.” And in the words of Pope Francis, the Jews still remain for us a sacred root from which Jesus grew up. “We are here to ponder during the week on diversity and respect, on the topic of how not to do to others what we do not want for ourselves. So, inspired with the example of the People of the Book, we will go on learning!” – said Rev. Vasyl Kolodchyn.