During the 6th Ecumenical Social Week, the round table “Interfaith Dialogue: Between Searching for Unity and the Protection of Values” took place on October 2. The event was attended by both clergy and scholars of various Christian denominations.

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Their thoughts with those present shared Rev. Dr. Ivan Datsko, President of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies at the Ukrainian Catholic University, Bishop Venedyct (Aleksiychuk), Auxiliary Bishop of Lviv Archeparchy of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the founder of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies and co-director of the Department “Society. Freedom. Peace” at the Bernardine College (France) Antoine Arjakovsky , Dr. of Philosophy, Dean of the Department of Philosophy and Economics at Lviv National Medical University Ihor Derzhko , Secretary General of L’Oeuvre d’Orient Hubert de Gabori, professor of Systematic theology at the Protestant Theological University of Amsterdam and a fellow of the Department of the Mission of Protestant Church in the Netherlands Helen Zordrager, Director of NGO “The European Institute of Social Communications” Oleksander Dobroyer .

Rev. Dr. Ivan Datsko in his report plunged into the history of the establishment and development of the ecumenical movement in the world, closely connecting it with the situation of inter-confessional relations in Ukraine. “We must know what unites us rather than separates. However, we are looking not for godly things but only for human things in our lives, not the Lord’s grace, but power and money, and it is not in tune with the teachings of the Gospel. The lack of spiritual dimension and spiritual prayer is one of the reasons for slowing down a theological and ecumenical dialogue,” – said Rev. Dr. Ivan Datsko.