During the 6th Ecumenical Social Week, the roundtable “Diversity and Respect: Self-Fulfilment of Vulnerable Groups” was held in Lviv, on October 3. In discussing the problems of people with disabilities, children from socially vulnerable families, the elderly and the homeless, examples of positive solutions were shown and new ideas how to implement them were proposed.

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The event was attended by Michelle Dormal, community “L’Arche”, France, Olha Momot, deputy director of the Foundation “Caritas -Lviv UGCC, Nataliya Okhrimenko, head of the press center of Luhansk Regional youth public organization “Association of the Young Disabled of Eastern Donbas- East”, Alla Soroka, psychologist of the American NGO “This child here”, Odesa, Ruslan Zhylenko, director of the Carpathian Foundation, Wolfgang Schindele, organisation AWO. The discussion at the roundtable was moderated by Yuriy Lopatynskyi, head of public organization “People’s Aid” and social bakery “Horikhovyi dim.”

After the presentation of a film about life, self-fulfillment and self-realization of people with intellectual disabilities called “Testing Words”, Michelle Dormal said: “These people are really very ill and undergo many sufferings and sorrows. But they have the same soul as we do. That’s why we have to know what they think about and how they live. I believe that through listening to these people, respecting them, touching upon the differences between them and us, we can change the world.”