“Responsibility of a Christian in modern society” is a topic proposed by organisers of the VII Ecumenical Social Week (ESW).

The topic of the VII ESW was not chosen accidentally. Ukraine after the removal of authoritarian and predatory government is going through a difficult time. Thousands Ukrainian people defend their sovereignty and independence of the state with arms. In a difficult time of forming new society arises a necessity for every Ukrainian to realise his responsibility to God, country and other citizens. The purpose of the VII ESW is to declare the principle of shared responsibility for the future of the country between the society and its elected government.

ESW, initiated by the Institute of Ecumenical Studies of the Ukrainian Catholic University, is a platform where representatives of civil society, religious institutions, mass media, politicians, educators and young people can openly discuss the most painful problems of society. ESW is traditionally provided with the assistance of Ukrainian Catholic University, National University “Lviv Polytechnic”, Lviv Regional State Administration, Lviv Regional Council and Lviv City Council.

The participants of the conference will discuss the experience of setting the responsible civil society. During discussions attention will be focused on the responsibility of journalists and representatives of social organisations and every citizen in time of social transformation. Members of the clergy with the laity will discuss the social role of the Church during the war and social changes.

The integral part of the VII ESW is also an academic conference “Heritage of the Second Vatican Council in the spirit of Lumen gentium, Unitatis redintegratio and Orientalium Ecclesiarum”. A special attention will be paid to three decrees of this Council - Lumen gentium, Unitatis redintegratio and Orientalium Ecclesiarium, as they were crucial in the life of the Catholic Church in general and Eastern Catholics in particular. These documents were adopted at the Council on the same day - December 21st, 1964, and they have to be read together, in the context of each other. The focus will be on the fruits of the ecumenical dialogue, which the Catholic Church started as a result of the adoption of these crucial documents. There will be emphasize on Catholic-Orthodox dialogue, and in particular, on the activity of the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches.

Work with young people is especially important for the organisers. For the first time during the ESW will be held a BarCamp on the topic: “Initiative youth: the requirement of time - the need of society”. The event will be focused on helping active young people to get organising skills and realize their own place and role in civil society.

The program is also full of interesting cultural events, including a photo exhibition, charity gala dinner, presentation of the book, the evening of sacred music and fair.

We express our gratitude to all the co-organisers and partners of the Forum, volunteers, clergy, representatives of government and public sectors, media, local and foreign experts for their support and cooperation in the development of the project “Ecumenical Social Week”.

We hope the VII ESW will meet all expectations as an effective platform for development of civil society in Ukraine and will give impetus to continue discussions on the responsibility of a Christian and a citizen in times of social transformations.

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