Ex-head of Church Liubomyr (Husar) expressed his views on the reforms being established by the current government. According to Bishop Liubomyr, dramatic changes in society are not taking place in Ukraine because of two reasons: laziness of those who implement them and the reforms themselves being not well thought-out.

"Why is there an opposition to reform? These may be subjective or objective reasons,” reflects  the Cardinal in the pages of "Ukrainian Truth." Subjective reasons are the sloth and negligence of those persons responsible for carrying out the reforms. Objective reasons relate to the reforms themselves; they can be complex, involving major changes and sacrifices, and still may be not well-thought, populist, or so-called "political."

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 A blind girl fromPoltava, Olena Kovtun, winner of the “Ukraine's Got Talent 2” show, sang in the youth concert of Ukrainian music , held during the  4th Ecumenical Social week. She got the viewer’s choice and moved the audience to tears: “ I hope my songs will make the world a little better”.

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On October 1, social organizations of Western Ukraine had a fair within the frame of 4th Ecumenical Week. They demonstrated their own activity in Rynok Square.

 A fair is a traditional event of the Ecumenical Week. This year, 11 organizations of Western Ukraine and one from Odesa told of their activities and sold products which were made by both disabled people and people in need.  In addition, all interested persons could make their contribution to social organizations in special boxes.

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This year's interfaith youth meeting "Day of Trust" was held in Lviv on October 1 within the 4th Ecumenical Social Week. Young initiative people from the city and surrounding towns gathered to pray together, to communicate and get to know each other.

The meeting began with morning prayers in the church of All Saints at the monastery of the Studite Sisters of St. Mary. Later all the participants, on behalf of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, welcomed the military chaplain, Fr. Stephen Sus. He shared his experience in his missionary work in Bangladesh.

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On September 30, the members of the 4th Ecumenical Social Week summed up the academic conferences and the round table discussions.

 In parallel with the discussion, the members of the Ecumenical Social Week made a resolution and announced it on September 30, on the completion of all the round table discussions.

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 On September 30, a round table discussion titled "Reforms as a factor of civil society activation” was held within the 4th Ecumenical Social Week. Ukrainian and foreign experts discussed the reforms in the areas of leadership, political conjuncture, health.

Lionel J. Kvinel , Ph.D., director of the HQS Consulting Services corporation, Winnipeg (Canada), began the discussion and  focused on the concept of leadership. Mr. Kvinel started discussing his vision a day before at the Academic Conference. The speaker stressed that it is important to pay attention to the two-stage implementation of leadership in the society: first, a difficult stage of societal development, and second,the risk of reform.

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On September 30 was held the round table "Public Councils and Executive Agencies: Effective Partnership". Representatives of Regional Councils in Western Ukraine participated in discussions.

The round table was organized by the Department for Civil Society Development and Interaction with Citizens’ Unions, the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; the organizers of the Ecumenical Social Week and the Parliamentary Development Project for Ukraine II.

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On September 30, British, French and Ukrainian experts discussed the topic "Reformation is a way to European integration" at a round table as part of the 4th Ecumenical Social Week.

In her speech "The strategy of the European Union as regards social market economy and its interest for Ukraine", Maria NowakPresident of the French Association for the Right to Economic Initiative (ADIE), concluded: "A Soviet way of solidarity and domination of private interests excluding the social interest are two sides of the same regime of dictatorship. The Ecumenical Social Week in Lviv is a right way to change society through peaceful means".

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The Government and the National Bank should be key players in promoting trust to financial reforms – a World Bank expert "Compared to Norway, where 75% of the population trust the financial system of the State, in Ukraine 75% of the people do not trust anyone. The Government and the National Bank should be key players in promoting trust to financial reforms" – the World Bank Regional Program Coordinator in Financial and Private Sector Development for Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova, Marius Vismantas said at the academic conference of the Ecumenical Social Week.

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On September 29, an academic conference of the Ecumenical Social Week opened with inter-confessional prayer that gathered the representatives of Christian confessions of the city.

In ecumenical prayer participated: Bishop Venedyct (the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church), Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University Fr. Borys Gudziak (UGCC), Responsible for media in Lviv Archdiocese Fr. Peter Buhryn (the Roman Catholic Church), Bishop of the Christian Evangelical Church Vasyl Boyechko, Senior priest of the Lviv Cathedral Fr. Tadeos Gevorgyan (the Armenian Church), and Fr. Roman Fihas from the Institute of Ecumenical Studies (UGCC).

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