On behalf of the Social Weeks of France, their administrative committee and ourselves, we would like to tell you that we are watching attentively the development of the political situation in Ukraine and to assure the Committee of the Ecumenical Social Week of Ukraine, students and teachers of the Ukrainian Catholic University in our friendship and support in these troubled times.

We would like to emphasize that the cooperation that has been established between the Ecumenical Social Week of Ukraine and Social Weeks of France, as well as with various organizations, members of the ІХЕ network (Initiative of Christians of Europe) and the multi-year cooperation that resulted from it allowed all the partners to see and accept in Ukraine the development of active civil society, which includes churches and which works for democracy and respect of human rights in your country.

In general, the majority of organizations of civil society in Ukraine have obtained support and have established close links with the European Union. As a result, the current events have a significant effect across the whole European Union.

Therefore, today we would like to express our great concern that members of Ukrainian civil society are unable to express their commitment to these freedoms, and we assure you of our solidarity with the demonstrators who came out and continue to take to the streets of Kyiv and Lviv in order to protect these values.

In this spirit, we, together with the various movements that represent the Christian laity in Europe, will not hesitate to send other initiatives to the Council of Europe and the European Union if people appear to be persecuted and attacked for their freedoms.

We believe that negotiations between Ukraine and the EU should continue in order to establish in the interests of both parties the best conditions for cooperation, development and promotion of public and individual freedoms. From the perspective of Ukrainian political leaders, an association agreement with the EU will not limit the sovereign rights of your country, and we believe it will become the first step towards the integration of a large family, whose members are trying to adhere to the European Convention of Human Rights and to respect the rule of law.

We ask you to accept the expression of our deep and sincere respect.




Jerome Vignon Michel Camdessus

Chairman Honorary Chairman

Social Weeks of France Weeks of France

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Dear friends and partners of the Ecumenical Social Week in every corner of Ukraine and the world, on behalf of the Committee of ESWwe call for you not to be indifferent to the fate of Ukraine in this difficult time!

The missions of Ecumenical Social Weeks, which have taken place in Ukraine for six years, and Social Weeks in Europe, which have almost hundred year’s history, are similar – it’s attaining the welfare of society by improving social policy with the help of consensus and unity of authorities, community, churches and business.

As we can see, today one of these powers that is necessary for building a just civil society is absolutely illegitimate and is committing lawless actions against the Ukrainian nation. These are the authorities. All of us understand very well that such actions of the current officials are suppressing every attempt of the Ukrainian nation to live in a civilized civil society.

Therefore, we call for all representatives of churches, public organizations, funds, business, mass media and all indifferent citizens in the east, west, south, north and center of our country, as well as international community, to give their vote of non-confidence to the current Ukrainian power in all possible ways.

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The community of the Ukrainian Catholic University declares civil disobedience against the president and his government and, together with Euromaidan and – we believe – all the Ukrainian people, seeks the immediate resignation of the current government, the formation of an interim government, and the declaration of early elections for all governmental bodies.” The full text of the statement is below.

by the Ukrainian Catholic University
of Civil Disobedience

Last night in Kyiv human blood was spilled again. Brutal invaders again attacked peaceful demonstrators. Human Rights Day turned into the Day of Cruelty Against Peaceful People.

President Yanukovych has not learned anything. No one has persuaded him and nothing has stopped him. He and his government are choking in their own impunity and ostensible power. Even the scant opportunity for dialogue that the people gave him was trampled on.

This terrible night of Euromaidan, if not for the heroic opposition of the demonstrators, would have been in line with St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre and the Night of Broken Glass. After this night, to follow the orders of the government would be contrary to human conscience. When from the Maidan dozens of innocent people, beaten, were taken in police vans to an unknown destination, President Yanukovych stopped being the President of Ukraine and his cronies, the government of our country.

The community of the Ukrainian Catholic University declares civil disobedience against the president and his government and, together with the Euromaidan and – we believe – all the Ukrainian people, seeks the immediate resignation of the current government, the formation of an interim government, and the declaration of early elections for all governmental bodies.

We urge all universities in Ukraine to make this only possible decision.

We urge the international community not only in words but in deeds to support the Ukrainian people.

We bow our heads in deep respect to the defenders of Euromaidan. You defended the dignity and honor of Ukraine. Thank you!

And together with the bishops of the Synod of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, “we pray to the Almighty for peace, unity, justice, and victory of truth in our nation.

“In the midst of these trials let the words of Jesus Christ, which were heard in all our churches on Sunday, support us: ‘Fear not, only believe, and she shall be saved’ (Luke 8:50).”

Adopted at a UCU general assembly
December 11, 2013

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In the Ukrainian Catholic University, on October the round table “The ecumenical dimension of social service” was held within the 6th Ecumenical Social Week. The event was held on the initiative of the Commission of the UGCC for Promoting Christian Unity and the Institute of Ecumenical Studies of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

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Within the framework of the 6th Ecumenical Social Week, a fair and exhibition of social organizations of the city was held on October 5 in Lviv.

The results of their activities were presented by such social organizations of Lviv as Store of Good – UGCC”, Lviv City Center ofSocial Services for Families, Children and Youth, Fundations for Freedom, Foundation of Spiritual Renaissance”,LMHO Oselya”, charitable organization Center Down - Syndrome ‘Prominchyk”, the center of spiritual support for people with disabilities Emaus”, community LArche.

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Within the framework of the 6th Ecumenical Social Week, a meeting in the spirit of Taize was held on October 4. In the chapel of the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology of UCU, the Lviv community equipped its space for a thoughtful prayer – a cross in the middle of the room, tiny candles, rugs on the floor. Everything helped to get closer in thoughts to God.

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During the 6th Ecumenical Social Week, the round table “Charity in Lviv: threats and prospects” was held within the framework of the conference “Social Lviv” on October 4The event was organized by NGO “SAMI”, together with CF “Wings of Hope” and the Institute of Ecumenical Studies.

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In the framework of the 6th Ecumenical Social Week on October 4 was held training session "International cooperation in the field of youth non-formal education." Trainers and foreign volunteers, working in Ukraine, shared their skills and experience in the field of voluntary cooperation and non-formal education.

The training session consisted of two parts - theoretical and practical. Olena Hrabovska was trainer during the practical part of the event, the moderator was Natalia Pavliuk, who not only spoke about volunteering and non-formal education, but also demonstrated the practical elements of such activities. To demonstrate the methods of non-formal education, participants were asked to design their own program of voluntary activities in small groups. Trainer Olena Hrabovska pointed out: "When we talk about non-formal education, based on free will and responsibility, we talk about what we learn through our own experience and interaction with other members of the learning process."

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Within the framework of the 6th Ecumenical Social Week,the round table “The process of educating the leading Christian stratum in Eastern Europe”was held on October 4 in Lviv." The session was moderated by Taras Kurylets, licensed Master of Theology, Doctor of St. Thomas Aquinas Pontifical University.

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During the 6th Ecumenical Social Week, on October 3 in Lviv, participants visited the social organizations of the city – a workshop of the community “L’Arche” for people with intellectual disabilities “Bdzhilky” (Bees) and the Integrated Care Center for women in crisis situations.

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