Press conference for journalists. October 2, 2018у    Divine Liturgy. October, 3 2018
  Workshop «Development of leadership skills». Lviv, October 7, 2017    During Forum​. Lviv, October 4-7, 2017
Exhibition-fair of social organizations. Lviv, October 7, 2017    Round table "Inclusive society as an indicator of maturity of a nation". Lviv, October 6, 2017
Awarding Ceremony of the Contest "Reporters of Hope in Ukraine". Lviv, October 6, 2017   Panel discussion "Media as an instrument for shaping public opinion". Lviv, October, 6 2017
 Panel discussion "Solidarity of Nations vs. National Egoism". Lviv, October, 5 2017   Seminar of the Ukrainian Christian Academic Society "Unity of Ukrainian Christians - New Format". «Єдність християн України – новий формат». Lviv, October, 5 2017
 Plenary Discussion "Dignity-Service-Solidarity: Towards Renewed Country". Lviv, October, 4 2017   Solemn opening and plenary meeting. Lviv, October, 4 2017
  Divine Liturgy. Lviv, October, 4 2017     Press conference for journalists. Lviv, October, 3 2017
 DSC 0060 Press conference for journalists. Кyiv, June 7 2017   DSC 0157  Ecumenical Prayer for Christians Unity. Kyiv, June 7 2017
 DSC 0060 Plenary discussion Dignity-Service-Solidarity. Towards renewed country. Kyiv, June 7 2017   DSC 0157  Presentation of the exhibition Patriarch Josyph Slipui To be yourself. Kyiv, June 7 2017
 DSC 0060 Seminar of the Ukrainian Christian Academic Society "Unity of Ukrainian Christians – a new format". Kyiv, June 8 2017   DSC 0157  Panel discussion Modern cooperative movement in Ukraine as a way of strengthening communities. Kyiv, June 8 2017
 DSC 0060 Round table Social service as a mission and vocation of the Church. Kyiv, June 8 2017   DSC 0157  BarCamp-Open talk,June 9.Kyiv, June 9 2017
DSC 0060 BarCamp. Workshop. Kyiv, June 9 2017   DSC 0157 During Forum. Kyiv, June 2017
DSC 0157  During Forum​    DSC 0060 Concert of spiritual and folk music "Way home..."
14502024 1767538316851314 1863223980 n  Presentation of Joseph Gill's book    DSC 0265 Master class for journalists "Portrait of IDPs in the mass media.
DSC 0181  Round Table "Social problems of IDPs and ways of overcoming them    DSC 3552 Round table "Problems of confessional and social adaptation of IDP's
DSC 3540  Press conference for journalists    DSC 3565 Hierarchical Divine Liturgy
14397307 858246607645854 1091641418 n  Visits to assistance centers for IDPs    IMG 7956 Panel discussion "Work experience with IDPs in regions of Ukraine" (9th ESW)
DSC 0210Q Plenary sesion organized with the UCAS "Ways of reconciliation of the Church of Kyiv" (9th ESW)   DSC 0498 Round table "The role of the Church in work with internally displaced persons" (9th ESW)
DSC 0395 Conference "Migration: Challenge for Ukraine"   DSC 0004 Opening 9 Ecumenical socіal week
Meeting Interfaith Group   Round Table: "Education of a new generation: Christian values and European standards"
Round Table: "Spiritual formation of Christian and theological education in Ukraine"   During Forum​
Round Table:"Inclusive education for children with special needs-realities and new possibilities"   Ecumenical Prayer for Christian Unity
Presentation of the book: Wilhelm de Vries   Presentation of the bookThrough an Eye Needle
Presenting awards to winners of IV All-Ukrainian Competition "Reporters of Hope in Ukraine"   Charitable Concert "ROCK - H and friends - for children of Dzherelo"
Academic Conference "Education for changes: spirituality and innovations"   Social organizations fair
Press conference of opening the 7 th ECT   Press conference opening 8-th ECT
Аcademic Conference “The Responsibility of a Christian in Modern Society”   Pontifical Divine Liturgy
Аcademic Conference «Legacy of the Second Vatican Council: In the spirit of Lumen Gentium, Unitatis Redintegratio and Orientalium Ecclesiarum» September 30, 2014   Round Table: “The Mission in the Profession: The journalist’s responsibility to society”
Academic Conference “Legacy of the Second Vatican Council: In the spirit of Lumen Gentium, Unitatis Redintegratio and Orientalium Ecclesiaru”, October 1, 2014   Round Table: “Formation of a socially responsible society: European experience, Ukrainian perspectives”
Opening of the photo exhibition “Charity through the prism of lens”   Round table “Civil liability at a time of social transformation”
Presentation of the book “Waiting for a Pan-Orthodox Council. Book II” by Dr. Antoine Arjakovsky   Seminar of the Ukrainian Christian Academic Society (UCAS) “Memory, History, Identity”
Evening of Sacred Music “Prayer for Ukraine”   Round table “Models of socialization of challenged individuals on the basis of experience of L'Arche communities”
BarCamp “Youth initiatives: The requirement of the time - the need of society”   Social Organizations Fair
Display of social organizations within 6th ESW   Round table «Ecumenical aspect of social serving» within 6th ESW
Training session "International youth cooperation in the field of informal education"   Round table «Philanthropy in Ukraine: Threats and prospects»
Visits to social organizations within 6th ESW   Round-table “The process of educating the leading Christian stratum in Eastern Europe”
Panel discussion “Social consequences of women’s work migration” 6th ESW   Round-table “Initiative from within the community as a factor in considering differences and achieving respect in the establishment of civil society"
Presentation of the book of Antoine Arjakovsky “Waiting for a Pan-Orthodox Council”   Round-table “Diversity and Respect”: Self-realization of vulnerable population groups” 6th ESW
Opening of the exhibition “The Nation of the Book”   Round-table “Interconfessional dialogue: Between searching for unity and protection of values”
Ecumenical prayer for the unity of Christians 6th ESW   Round-table “From confrontation to complementarity: Ukrainian context, European experience” 6th ESW
Press conference of the opening of the 6 th ESW   Opening of the Forum “Diversity and Respect” 6th ESW
Display of social organizations during the 5th ESW   Informal communication during the 5th ESW
Seminar- Cafe «Freedom of speech in Ukraine»   Ecumenical prayer Taize
Taize Meeting of Youth "Pilgrimage of trust" near the Trees of Peace   Meeting Youth with Fr. Iwan Dacko, President of IES during the 5th ECT
Workshop «Democracy through the eyes of youth» 5 th ESW   Session “Healing the wounds of the past”, screening film “Silver lands” 5th ESW
Presentation Seminar program “Alternatives to violence project in Ukraine” 5th ESW   Seminar “Integrating theory and practice of mediation as an indicator of the development of democratic social relations” 5th ESW
Round table “The role of the Churches in the development of civil society ” 5th ESW   Session «Development of a democratic society through eqenl opportunities» 5th ESW
Seminar-exchange «International and national experiences of cross- sectoral partnership ” 5th ESW   Academic conference «The Future of Democracy in Ukraine» 5th ESW
Ecumenical prayer 5th ESW   Press conference of the opening of the 5 th ESW
Preparation of the 4th ESW   Flashmob (Taize)
4 Ecumenical Social Week, Academic Conference "Reform through trust"   4th ESW, Seminar “The experience of NGOs and charity organizations working with children and youth with special needs ”
Round tables within 4th ESW   4th ESW – Day of Trust (Taize)
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